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Selling your home

So you’ve made the decision to sell your house. Like lots of people you can often find yourself confused and not know where to go. Well here at Pink Elephant we fix that very simply by taking over all the stress. With a dedicated sales agent to speak to you anytime of the day.

Here’s our simple steps to Property Sales:

  1. Book in an appointment for a consultation to discuss your expectations and how we can help achieve them.
  2. Have a read of our “top tips” in selling your house in our Property Sales guide, its just a handy way to make sure we have the best chance in selling your property
  3. Book in a FREE Valuation of your property to ensure we go to market with the correct proposition.
  4. Once the valuation is complete, we think it would be great to discuss some key steps that will be involved for you when moving out.
  5. At this point we will let you know what your “bespoke property plan” is for selling your property and the channels we will be using to best suit your property sale.
  6. Now just sit back and wait for that call that your property is SOLD.

Our “Pink” Promise

Dedicated Personal Agent

We want to make sure this is tailored to your needs and the only way we believe we can achieve that is by having a dedicated agent at your beck and call for Property Sales. No question is a silly question and we encourage you to be a part of the sales process as much as you like or as little as you want, just let the agent know. Your agent will bridge the gap very quickly to your local market and what is expected. If you want to know the historical trends or simply a quick catch up over a cup of coffee, simply just let us know.

Our Sale Guarantee

Here at Pink Elephant we know its about making this as stress-free for you as much as possible. So guess what, we don’t tie you down to any contract. If you ever wanted to change your mind, you’re more than welcomed to do so and it won’t cost you a penny. No questions asked, no reason required, but your always welcome to ring us back for some friendly advice even if you’re not selling your property through us. One of our Property Sales guarantees!

Honesty makes the world go round

We make a conscious effort to ensure we go above and beyond to be as honest as possible. Don’t mind us if we want to explain even the simple things. We’ve learnt over the years its important to keep a clear line of communication. With this in mind we know we will always make sure any decisions made are for the best of our client’s interest.

Just a few more bits…

Although we generally focus on selling houses we also have dedicated departments when it comes to buying a house too. We know it’s a little scarier when it comes to buying a house, especially when your planning for a family home. There are so many things to take into consideration, local schools, shopping centres, local route – whatever it may be, we have an expert whose ready to answer all your questions.

We carry out viewings at the most unexpected times. As long as the landlord is happy with the timing then we have 7 days and 168 hours to choose from. That’s what make us different.

We also have an in-house mortgage broker who can quickly tell you if you are buying a house that fits your financial circumstance and ultimately help you plan better when it comes to your finances. Check out our mortgage sections for more information!

If you would like to just have a general chat, fill out the “Call us back” form on the right of the screen and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.


“A clean, uncluttered house sells!.”

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My new build house is a dream true. I have waited 10 years to buy my first house and wanted it to be perfect. Its nothing short of perfect. I didn’t know where to go regards the Help to Buy loan – These guys sorted it all for me. It was so sad it had to come to an end. What a pleasure

Simon Ali

My new house is exactly what they said it would be. The way the did the sales process was very professional. I really appreciated being kept in the loop with everything. The speed in how these guys operated was a massive winner

Ali Akram