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Lettings Made Simple…

So its time to make the big move out of the family home and go rent your own place. There so much to think about. Here at Pink Elephant we help tenants find their perfect home, making sure we are finding something that suits your needs without clearing out your bank balance.

So here’s a few things that makes us different:

No Application Fees

You can apply without losing a single penny. All we will be doing is checking some of the information you have provided typically with a credit check. We need to make sure that we understand your needs and whatever commitment is not only right for you now but in the many months to come.

So what happens if everything goes ok? We charge you a small admin fee of £150 to simply put together your new tenancy agreement, detailed protection inspection report with photos and a home induction from one of our specialist agents. No more hidden fees and your ready to go.

Get a Quick Decision

We don’t want you waiting around, so we make sure we are getting back to you with a decision within 48 hours of having all your information. We make sure we work with speed to be fair to you as a tenant and to be fair to the landlord. Often the challenge is finding a middle ground between the two parties involved.

Lean on us…

We make sure we are there not only during your sign up but throughout. We know that time to time things can go wrong with properties, so we make sure we offer a quick fast maintenance model working closely with yourself as a tenant and the landlord to find the most affective solution for both parties. Leave the management of repairs to us, that’s what we are here for!

Hassle Free Renting

Our commitment to you is to make things hassle free. We don’t expect you to have to worry about anything. If you feel you want a catch up, just drop your dedicated agent a call. 

Our “Pink” Promise

Dedicated Personal Agent

We want to make sure this is tailored to your needs and the only way we believe we can achieve that is by having a dedicated agent at your beck and call. No question is a silly question and we encourage you to be as much part of the process as you like or even as little as you want, just let the agent know. Your agent will bridge the gap very quickly to your local market and what is expected. If you want to know the historical trends or simply a quick catch up over a cup of coffee, just simply let us know.

Our Tenant Guarantee

Here at Pink Elephant we know its about making this as stress free for you as much as possible. So guess what, we don’t tie you down to any contract until your completely happy with the property you’re looking at. If you ever wanted to change your mind, you are more than welcomed to do so and it wont cost you a penny. No questions asked, no reason required, but always welcomed to ring us back for some friendly advice even if your looking to rent elsewhere.

Honesty makes the world go round

We make a conscious effort to ensure we go above and beyond to be as honest as possible. Don’t mind us if we want to explain even the simplest things. We’ve learnt over the years its important to keep a clear line of communication. With this in mind we know we will always make sure any decisions made are for the best interest of our client’s

Call me

If you’re still a little unsure, or have a few questions, fill out our “Call me back” option on the right of the screen and we will be happy to get one of our agents to get in touch with you as soon as possible.


“Overpricing your property rental helps to rent your neighbours home quicker.”

1 Step 1

“I was so fed up renting houses and it not living up to the standard that I wanted. The house I have now is not only what I want, but the maintenance issues get dealt with straight away. 10/10 for me so far”

Michelle Mcguiness

“Always available on the phone! Thank you”

Barry D

“I had an issue with a leak for months, the landlord changed the management to Pink Elephant. It was dealt with within a week. That says it all. Hope the landlord sticks with these guys”

Aimee Johnson